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Airport Car Hire will compare the car rental market in the United States for you to get you the cheapest car hire in Florida. We shop around for you saving you time and money to get you the best deal possible.


With respect to population, Florida is one of the largest states in the United States. Located in the Southeast panhandle of the United States, Florida is the known as the Sunshine State because it offers visitors and residents alike, some of the best beaches in the world. In addition to the lush, white sanded beaches, Florida is home to many attractions and theme parks are notorious throughout the world. Disney, Universal, and other major entertainment companies chose Orlando as their home for attractions because it is conveniently situated near the center of the state and consequently closer to the more populated centers.

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Easily accessible from Miami, Tampa, and the rest of South Florida, Orlando is a mecca of entertainment and commerce. Millions of tourist from all parts of the world visit Orlando each year with one of the most popular international airports in the state. Known as the “Theme Park Capital of the World”, visitors of all ages can enjoy the surplus of family and fun activities from Island of Adventures, Universal Studios, and most importantly Walt Disney World.

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A leader in culture, commerce, media, and entertainment, Miami and the surrounding Dade County is a metropolis jungle of opportunity for visitors. Being one of the major Spanish-speaking cities in the country, Miami has been proclaimed by many to be the “Capital of Latin America”. Located near the southern tip of the Florida Peninsula, Miami-Dade County is the sight of the world’s most beautiful beaches, including South Beach.

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Situated on the West Coast of Florida Tampa is the gateway to the Tampa Bay Area

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Must-see in Florida

The perfect road trip in Florida is filled with coastal highways, tropical forests, and the perfect mix of nature and urban destinations. Florida is a very popular state in America for road trips, it is very car-friendly and major sightseeing attractions are along major roadways, making it easy for any new traveler to experience it all. Car rental services are in abundance at the large Miami International Airport, making this a perfect starting point for your trip.  Beginning at the airport, you can make a round trip of the sights along Florida’s coasts and make your way inland as well.   Your first taste of Florida should be a drive down US 1 to Key West.  The roadway is a bridge that is suspended over the magnificent expanse of ocean. Enjoy the warm breeze on your drive down and marvel at the ocean surroundings. Once in Key West you can relax in this resort community.  The beaches are wonderful and the laidback vibe will permeate through to your activities. From here, an absolute must is driving through the Everglades.  The largest national park in the United States, the area is huge and you won’t be able to see it all.  Driving through, you can make pit stops for boat tours and easy hiking trails - you may even spot a turtle or an alligator! Continue up along the coast and you will hit Tampa Bay.  Have some fun at Busch Gardens, or check out the Tampa Bay Aquarium before continuing north on Highway 98. If you have the time, the Scenic Bluffs at Pensacola are less traveled than other parts of Florida, which makes it an excellent place for your road trip. The trees and nature surrounding you are a great change from the purely coastal views in the more southern region of Florida. Along the road you will see expansive views of Escambia Bay.  While here, it is worth it to stop at the  and you can even make a stop at Bay Bluffs Park, an oak forest with a boardwalk that takes you 23 metres down to the shore below. Take your trip eastward, and you can stop in the inland of Florida at the popular destination of Orlando. You could spend days at Disney World alone, but Orlando is filled with attractions and amusement parks to satiate any traveler. From here, the east coast of Florida is filled with beaches, flamboyant restaurants and clubs, and of course warm weather.  The options down the coast are endless, so have some fun picking and choosing as you go along. You will certainly have no shortage of enjoyment at any place you decide to stop in this warm and inviting state.

Disney World

Disney World

Located approximately 21 miles from downtown Orlando is the world renowned Walt Disney World Resort. With an annual attendance of more than 50 million, Disney World is considered the most visited vacation resort in the world. Disney World is home to more than 20 hotels, four golf courses, a camping resort, various entertainment and recreational venues, 4 acclaimed theme parks, and even a residential area. Beginning with Magic Kingdom the park was established in 1971. Quickly the resort grew adding Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the Animal Kingdom. Today the resort has attractions and activities for travelers of all ages.

South Beach

South Beach

Located between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, South Beach has been regarded as the most beautiful beach on earth. The white sand, crystal water and shining sunlight give travelers a chance to sit back, relax, and taken in the life of this thriving tourist destination. Plus, Ocean Drive allows you to walk to many shopping areas and restaurants while remaining close to the water.

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach

Situated North from the workings of South Florida, Panama City offers residents and visitors a touristy beach atmosphere similar to Miami, but without the large hustle of downtown. I personally have spent countless vacations in this tropical location, not only because of it close proximity to Tallahassee, but also its history of being the Spring Break Capital of the World. Each year tens of thousands of students and youth flock to the small beach town for incredible beach parties and live coverage of media events. If you are visiting North Florida, this is certainly one of the locations that I would recommend

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